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The story of the National Safety Council began 100 years ago, when corporate leaders came together for the first Safety Congress and embarked on a mission to make the world safer. The incredible progress that has been made in safety within the past century has been because of people like you; those who live safety every day. We want to hear your story.
Please take a moment to answer as few or as many questions below, and with your permission, we’ll use your stories to bring 100 years of safety to life at the upcoming NSC Congress & Expo, The Celebration of the Century. Thanks in advance for being part of this once in a lifetime celebration of safety!
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How has occupational safety changed in your lifetime? (limit 150 words)
Tell us about a safety incident that you witnessed and what safety improvements were made as a result. (limit 150 words)
What safety story had the biggest impact on you? (limit 150 words)
What advice would you leave to the next generation of safety professionals? (limit 150 words)
Why have you dedicated your life to keeping other people safe? (limit 150 words)
What hope do you have for safety in the next 100 years? (limit 150 words)
What role has NSC played in the safety movement? (limit 150 words)
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