Why Teach Active Shooter Training

Why Teach Active Shooter Training?

The National Safety Council is partnering with communities across the nation to provide Surviving an Active Shooter Event to help people prepare for the unthinkable. Active shooter incidents are increasing. An average of 70 people were wounded and 46 killed per year in active shooter events between 2014 and 2015. We know there are key behaviors that can help save lives.

It's about empowerment. Training can replace panic with effective action.

It's Easy to Teach with the Right Tools

Training can be led by any community leader who can effectively speak in front of groups and follow detailed course materials. We recommend alerting your local police, who are experts on this topic, to train or support your training.

NSC will provide registration support. Training materials include:

  • A publicity kit to promote your event to media and the public
    • Press release template
    • Poster
    • Flyer
  • Instructor manual and planning guide
  • Slides and videos
  • Participant guides
  • Certificates for participants

Take a look at some sample pages from the Instructor Manual:

The instructor selects an optimal time for the two-hour community training, as well as the venue. Learn more.

NSC offers this training free to those willing to teach these valuable skills in their community. This course is not a substitute for training organizations and workplaces; NSC offers more specific training for these audiences.

Spread the Word

Print out this backgrounder to share with community leaders who might be interested in teaching Surviving an Active Shooter Event.

Download the Backgrounder