During National Teen Driver Safety Week, Parents Urged to Stay Involved

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, Parents Urged to Stay Involved

National Safety Council survey shows teen drivers are willing to take risks, in spite of the danger.

​Itasca, IL – A recent National Safety Council survey found that teen drivers are willing to engage in risky behavior, including texting (43%) and using social media apps (35%), even though the risks are well known. Twenty-four percent of the teens said they had a friend or relative who was killed or injured in a distraction-related crash, and 30% admitted that their own distractions have put themselves or others at risk.

The findings are being highlighted in observance of National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 16-22.

"The constant push to stay connected is a huge risk to all drivers, but as our survey indicates, teens are particularly susceptible," said Kelly Nantel, vice president of communications and advocacy at the National Safety Council. "We know these distractions can be deadly, so parents – who really do have the greatest influence over their teens – need to lead by example. Let your kids know only one thing matters behind the wheel: just drive."

Parents can use National Teen Driver Safety Week to get involved and stay involved:

  • Set rules and expectations with your teen driver. A parent-teen agreement is ideal for outlining rules, privileges and consequences for both parties. Parents can find the New Driver Deal at DriveitHOME.org.
  • Restrict driving with young passengers. A single young passenger can increase a teen driver's fatal crash risk 44%.
  • Practice with your teen for at least 30 minutes each week. NSC found 44% of parents do not spend more than the minimum recommendation of 50 hours supervising their teens' driving.
  • Become a role model for your teen. Let them know it's OK to put the phone away or disconnect from in-car infotainment systems and drive distraction free. Encouragingly, 61% of the teens said they wanted an excuse to make their drive safer and to alleviate the pressure to drive distracted.

Parents are encouraged to visit DriveitHOME.org, a free online resource from NSC, for more information about the best ways to keep their new teen driver safe on the road.


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