Statement from NSC President & CEO, Deborah Hersman, on NHTSA Guidance on the Future of Automated Driving Systems

Statement from NSC President & CEO, Deborah Hersman, on NHTSA Guidance on the Future of Automated Driving Systems

Rapid deployment of these technologies can help reverse the staggering death toll on our roadways

Itasca, IL – "The National Safety Council is pleased to see that safety continues to have a prominent place in the 12 elements of 'A Vision for Safety,' the next iteration of guidance on the future of automated driving systems, released today by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The most compelling reason to encourage the rapid deployment of these technologies is to reverse the staggering death toll on our roadways. ADAS systems are already saving lives. Just think of the additional fatalities we could prevent with the deployment of even higher levels of automation."

"We also are pleased to see that the revised guidelines place a focus on consumer education. However, we have been disappointed that in the year since the first guidelines were released, DOT has yet to receive any Safety Assessments, even though vehicles are being tested in many states.  Voluntary guidelines will serve the developers of new technologies to ensure they can move quickly, but they serve public safety best if all the players agree to comply with them. Mandating additional safety measures such as a clear disclosure, robust validation processes prior to deployment and data sharing requirements will now fall to the Congress as both the House and Senate move their bills.”

"Today, with voluntary guidelines we look to the manufacturers who are driving automated technology forward to show leadership and accountability. Ensure that your technology is ready for prime time before deploying it, provide increased transparency through publishing your Safety Self Assessments and commit to improved data and information sharing."

"Finally, we will watch closely NHTSA's commitment to utilize its recall authority to take vehicles off the road if there is any indication of a defect that places the public in harm's way."

*This statement can be attributed to Deborah A.P. Hersman, president & CEO of the National Safety Council*

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