Certificate of Merit Award

    The National Safety Council’s Certificate of Merit Awardrecognizes companies, units and/or facilities that have a noteworthy safety accomplishment.


    Framed Certificates are available for $45.95 each



    • In 50 words or less, provide a detailed description of outstanding safety practices by your company.
    • The NSC will review individual applications submitted and recognition will be provided at their discretion based on accomplishment.
    • Applications can be submitted at anytime throughout the year.
    • Qualified companies, units and facilities can purchase a Certificate of Merit Award to display their achievement throughout their organization.
    • Pricing:Wood framed Certificate of Merit Award Certificate $49.95, Leatherett framed Certificate of Merit Certificate $24.95 (plus shipping, handling and applicable tax).


    • Review your self-reported data to determine if you are eligible for consideration(based on program criteria).
                                                       Click here to submit your data.

    Your application will be evaluated shortly after receipt.If your company, unit or facility is deemed eligible based on your self-reported data, your award will be mailed within 4-6 weeks to the shipping address indicated on your order form. The National Safety Council reserves the right to change, without notice, any statement in the Occupational Awards Program concerning, but not limited to, rules, policies, awards, delivery dates/methods, and fees.