NSC Statement Supporting the 2019 National Transportation Safety Board Most Wanted List

The biennial list is a roadmap guiding us toward safer roads.

February 04, 2019

Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council applauds the National Transportation Safety Board Most Wanted List, released today. The biennial list serves not only as a guidepost for action but also as a reminder of how much work still needs to be done to safely transport the public from Point A to Point B. Specifically, the Council commends NTSB for including the following items on its list: “Eliminate Distractions,” “End Alcohol and Other Drug Impairment,” “Implement a Comprehensive Strategy to Reduce Speeding-Related Crashes,” “Increase Implementation of Collision Avoidance Systems in All New Highway Vehicles,” “Reduce Fatigue-Related Accidents,” and “Strengthen Occupant Protection.”

Our cars are safer and smarter than ever before, yet we continue to lose 100 people each day to preventable crashes. We know the primary causes continue to be speedingdistraction and impairment, and we know more than half of those killed in crashes are unbelted. We can change national behaviors by doubling down on what works through improved education, legislation and strong enforcement – we just have to make the collective decision to move in that direction. This includes passing laws banning all cell phone use, moving to lower alcohol concentration limits, refraining from raising speed limits, embracing vehicle safety technologies, requiring all occupants in all seats to buckle up, and looking to employers to implement comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Systems. Additionally, drivers need to understand how certain drugs – including opioids – impact their ability to drive safely.

The Most Wanted List is a roadmap guiding us toward safer roads. The National Safety Council remains committed to helping NTSB address each of these issues as our country gets on the Road to Zero.

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