National Safety Council: In the News

Promoting the Brand

National Safety Council CEO Debbie Hersman and the NSC Communications team work around the clock to bring life-saving safety messages to the widest audience possible. Those messages have attracted the attention of all major national news outlets and scores of local media. In fact, media interest in NSC and its mission of saving lives has never been greater.

In 2015, we built a television studio at our headquarters in Itasca, IL. While Debbie continues to travel widely, she has now done more than 20 live-feed interviews in one day with reporters from across the country.

Below is just a sampling of news clips featuring Debbie and NSC staff. You can find more on the NSC YouTube channel.

CBS This Morning

Debbie talks about children dying in hot cars because caregivers forget to check the back seat.

CNBC Power Lunch

Debbie discusses the spike in motor vehicle fatalities in 2016.

CNN New Day

Debbie discusses the fatal school bus crash in Tennessee.

Fox and Friends Sunday

Debbie discusses a fatal hot air balloon crash in Texas.

The Today Show

Debbie discusses the increase in traffic fatalities and the risks teen drivers face.

Fox News

Ken Kolosh discusses technology and the increase in traffic fatalities in 2016.