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The National Safety Council communications team works around the clock to bring life-saving safety messages to the widest audience possible. Those messages have attracted the attention of all major national news outlets and scores of local media. In fact, media interest in NSC and its mission of saving lives has never been greater.

In 2015, we built a television studio at our headquarters in Itasca, IL, where we have been known to conduct more than 20 live-feed interviews in one day with reporters from across the country.

Below is just a sampling of news clips featuring Debbie and NSC staff. You can find more on the NSC YouTube channel.

CBS This Morning: Kids in Hot Cars

Debbie Hersman talks about protecting children in the back seat of our vehicles.

NBC Nightly News: Distracted Walking

Debbie Hersman discusses the growing danger of distracted walking.

NBC Nightly News: Seat Belts on Buses

Debbie Hersman discusses the importance of three-point seat belts on school buses.

Chicago Tonight: Accidental Death

Debbie Hersman explains the rise in unintentional deaths across the U.S.

WPTV: Stop Everyday Killers Memorial

Maureen Vogel discusses the Prescribed to Death memorial at its stop in Atlanta.

Good Morning America: Marketplace App

Debbie Hersman talks about the dangers of new technologies in our vehicles.

Read All About It

Check out stories from across the U.S. that feature experts, data and more from the National Safety Council:

  • The White House: Just Steps from the White House, a Memorial to Victims of America’s Drug Crisis
  • The Washington Times: Prescribed to Death opioid memorial unveiled at National Mall
  • NPR: One Month Later, What's Become Of Melania Trump's Be Best Campaign?
  • CNN: 37 US children die in hot cars each year, report says
  • Forbes Kids in Hot Cars: States Aren't Doing Enough To Protect Children "Being Left to Die"
  • Chicago Tribune: Safety organizations, police urge caution on roads and waterways as Fourth of July approaches
  • Scary Mommy blog: Top 5 Causes Of Accidental Child Deaths — And What You Can Do To Protect Your Kids
  • National Law Review: National Safety Month Targets Preventable Deaths
  • The Washington Post: Before making a splash, make your pool safe
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: More than 146,000 deaths could be avoided each year; here are the 5 leading causes of preventable death
  • Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Let’s have real "zero tolerance" for CTA drivers who gab on the phone
  • The Buffalo News: Touring memorial to opioid victims coming to Canalside
  • CBS News: Waymo, Walmart partner to give shoppers lift in self-driving cars

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