Road to Zero Los Angeles Grant

Los Angeles Police Department

Vision Zero – Priority Corridor Safety Details

  • ​Every 40 hours, a community member in the City of Los Angeles loses his or her life in a traffic collision. The City of Los Angeles experiences more traffic fatalities per capita than any other peer city in the United States. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has stated the loss of life in traffic collisions is unacceptable.

    Over the past two years, the Los Angeles has seen an increase in almost every category of traffic collisions, including alcohol-involved, hit and run, nighttime crashes, right of way infringements, speeding and pedestrian traffic collisions. Reducing traffic fatalities by 20% by 2017 requires implementation of a project that will have the greatest effect towards overall fatality reduction.

    The City of Los Angeles developed a scoring methodology to identify high priority intersections and corridors along the High-Injury Network. Each intersection was assigned a score based on the severity of the traffic collisions at the intersection, vulnerability of the community members at the intersection and social equity of the community within the vicinity of the intersection.

    The City of Los Angeles also identified priority corridors, based on clusters of the highest priority intersections, and the top five priority corridors for enforcement. Priority corridors account for about 20% of all severe and fatal injuries for people walking and bicycling. 

    Throughout the program, the Los Angeles Police Department will increase its enforcement efforts in the corridors once a month on the same date and time to maximize the potential for media exposure. The project will be evaluated by measuring the success of the reduction of average pedestrians and bicyclists killed or seriously injured at the targeted priority corridors. 

    By the conclusion of the program, the City of Los Angeles expects a 20% reduction at each of the corridors.