Road to Zero Roadway Safety Foundation Grant

Roadway Safety Foundation

usRAP Across America

The Roadway Safety Foundation was one of seven inaugural grantees of the Road to Zero Coalition, and completed its project – usRAP Across America – in November 2018.

This effort involved the development of two online training courses to support the U.S. Road Assessment Program (usRAP), an innovative set of tools and methods for evaluating the safety of roadway and roadside infrastructure. Rather than using historical crash data, usRAP employs photo and/or videologs of roads and road networks to generate proactive data-driven safety plans according to the design features of the infrastructure itself. With proper training, usRAP can be applied on any road network to create risk-reduction strategies and safety investment plans that help drive the nation along the “road to zero.” It is a quintessentially public health-oriented approach that emphasizes prevention, and an important component of a safe system approach to design risk out of the built environment upstream.

Prior to the development of these courses, usRAP training was conducted on an ad-hoc basis, and often at great expense travelling to brick-and-mortar locations. Now for the first time, RSF is able to offer online training free of charge whenever it is needed, thanks to the support of the Road to Zero Coalition grants program overseen by the National Safety Council and NHTSA. The first course is designed as a promotional overview encouraging engineers and transportation officials to try a usRAP project in their communities; the second course provides thorough training in the coding and data preparation process required for a usRAP project. Both are available through a portal at Iowa State University, which led development activities.