NEW NSC Defensive Driving Course – 10th Edition

For Chapters and Distributors

DDC 10th Edition Comprehensive Program Details

We are almost there! The new NSC Defensive Driving 10th Edition Course will be launching January 2019. The DDC 10th Edition replaces both DDC 4 and DDC 8/6 programs. The New DDC 10th Edition Instructor Resource Kit will include an Instructor Manual for a 4, 6 or 8-hour program, one Course Guide, and one Multimedia. In January, the Multimedia USB will only contain the course presentation in English. By spring, the multimedia will contain both English and Spanish.

Note: the USB option requires a computer (Windows PC or Mac) to play; the DVDs are used only in those applications where an external DVD player is utilized.

Below is essential information about the DDC 10th Edition program:

Chapter Transition Ordering

You may now begin placing your orders for the new NSC Defensive Driving Course, 10th Edition. The link below will provide you an Excel file that contains the following:

  • Transition Order Form
  • SubAgency Transition Tracking Form
Transition Ordering Materials

Chapter Webinar

All three webinars are now available. Although these are not mandatory, we do highly encourage you to take the time to view, at minimum, the Chapter webinar.

Pricing: Effective Dec. 4, 2018

Part Numbers and Pricing - Transition and Post-transition Periods


  • NSC will offer a “transition period” between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2019. During the transition period, Instructor material is deeply discounted. Customers transitioning after June 30, 2019, will pay post transition pricing; therefore, each Training Center/Chapter should transition during the transition period to take advantage of the transition pricing.
  • One 10th Edition Instructor Resource Kit will contain all the material needed to teach the 4-, 6- and/or 8-hour programs.
  • DDC 4 and DDC 8/6 leases will be eliminated once a Training Center transitions to DDC 10th Edition. Transitioning Training Centers must be current with all leases before transitioning in order to get the special transition pricing.
  • During the transition period, Training Centers will purchase either a full Instructor Resource Kit (including multimedia) or for a slight discount, an Instructor Resource Kit (without multimedia).
  • Training Centers can only purchase a full Instructor Resource Kit (including multimedia) for each active DDC 8/6 or DDC 4 lease they currently have (ie: if a training center has four active Instructors with two leases, they would purchase two kits with multimedia and two kits without multimedia.
  • Instructor Resource Kits (without multimedia), ie the Instructor Manual only, will not be sold after the transition period.
  • If a Training Centers is adding a new Instructor, i.e. increasing the number of instructors, the TC must purchase a new full Instructor Resource Kit for that Instructor. If a Training Center is replacing an existing Instructor, the TC may reuse an existing Kit.
  • Instructors cannot share Instructor Resource Kits; sharing kits is not allowed.
  • At transition time, all active DDC 8/6 and DDC 4 Instructors that transition will be grandfathered into being DDC 10th Edition Instructors. NSC will have Instructor webinars available in January that will teach them about all facets of the new program.
  • NSC is not developing a classroom based IDC. An eLearning IDC will be required for all new Instructors joining after Nov 1, 2018. NSC will not certify new DDC 8/6 or 4 Instructors after Nov 1, 2018. Again, existing instructors as of the transition date are grandfathered into DDC 10th Edition.
  • There will continue to be two separate Course Guides (one for 4-hour and one for 6/8-hour).
  • Unit 4 of the eLearning Instructor Development Course teaches the Instructor the entire 8-hour DDC 10th Edition Course, including the 4 and 6-hour course; there will not be separate units for the 4-hour or 6-hour.
  • NSC will be offering, for FREE to existing 4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour Instructors, access to Unit 4 in the eIDC during transition. NSC encourages all existing instructors to complete Unit 4 for the knowledge necessary to teach the entire DDC 10th Edition.
  • Keep in mind you will no longer be paying annual lease fees.

ONE LAST NOTE: Starting in January 2019, DDC Course Guides will only be sold in multiples of 25: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 ... 975, 1000, etc.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions, and continue to check back to this page from time to time. This page will be updated periodically between now and the start of the transition.

Thank you for your driver safety leadership to your communities.

– Your DDC Team