Laura Carney

Laura Carney

  • ​Laura Carney will never forget that haunting day in August 2003. Her brother called on her way home from work to tell her that her father, Michael "Mick" Carney, had been killed in a car crash. A teenager in an SUV had run a red light while talking on her cell phone.

    After the funeral, a district justice fined the distracted driver, who was only 17, $200 for running a red light and careless driving.

    Laura told few people about the crash, until one day in 2013 when she was assigned to copyedit a story for work. The story was about a man who became an advocate for safe driving after a distracted driver killed his young daughter. Laura called the man, and he convinced her to tell her story.

    Since then, Laura has worked actively as a distracted driving awareness advocate. She has published essays in national publications and actively participates in distracted driving awareness campaigns nationally.

    She also blogs about completing all of the items on her father's bucket list at

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