Illinois - National Safety Council

Illinois State Approved Driver Retraining Programs

Please be sure you know which class is required before you continue the registration process. National Safety Council is not responsible for drivers taking the incorrect class. Once registered, all fees are non-refundable.

Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education State-ordered Class

  • Convenient locations state-wide
  • 4-hour class; only $90
  • Secretary of State approved
  • We transmit your completion the very next day

Drivers ages 15 to 24 who have received two violations within 24 months, or who received a violation under the Zero Tolerance Law, are required by the State of Illinois to complete the Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education Course as a condition for reinstatement of driver’s license or permit following suspension.

Alive at 25 4-hour Court-ordered Driver Safety Course

You can be ordered by the court to take the NSC driver safety course, Alive at 25. You can also take the course voluntarily if your parents want you to, to obtain a parking pass at school, etc.

Alive at 25 Driver Safety Course is a highly interactive four-hour intervention program that zeroes in on drivers ages 16 to 25 – the group most likely to be involved in a fatal collision. Alive at 25 Driver Safety Course uses workbook exercises, group discussions, role-playing and short lectures to help keep young drivers safe on the road.

Probationary License Program 8-hour Class

Drivers ages 21 and older who have had their license suspended for three months or less for being convicted of three moving violations in 12 months are notified by the Secretary of State of their eligibility for the Probationary License Program.

IMPORTANT: This program requires drivers to complete the course AND surrender their VALID (not expired) IL Driver’s License to National Safety Council.

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Upon successfully completing the program requirements, drivers will receive a probationary license from the Secretary of State for use during the suspension period.