MA Driver Retraining Program

MA Driver Retraining Program

Motorists MUST Attend the MA Driver Retraining Program:

  • If they have received notification from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles that their driving privileges are or will be suspended due to three or more surchargeable events in two years
  • If they are required to complete by a court or judge due to other circumstances

The eight-hour Defensive Driving Course, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving, has been approved by the Massachusetts RMV License Suspension Unit. The course is taken by motorists as required to avoid suspension or to have their license reinstated.The program is aimed at changing behavior behind the wheel. Through this course drivers learn why they continue to have driving related problems and how they can take responsibility for their actions.

Course Fee

Course Fee is $135 and payable by credit card through our online registration site. You can reschedule to a different date or location at no cost up to the day prior to the start date of your chosen class date. Rescheduling on or after the start date of your class will require a mandatory, non-refundable rescheduling fee.

  • $65 to reschedule on the start date of your class
  • $135 to reschedule after the start date of your class

Important Notes:

  • The RMV must receive your electronic completion at least four business days before the date your license would be suspended; please schedule your class accordingly
  • All classes are taught in English unless otherwise indicated
  • If you have relocated to another state: Click Here

When and Where is this Class Offered?

National Safety Council has established classroom locations statewide. The eight-hour course will be taught in either two, 4-hour weeknight sessions or in a full, one-day weekday, Saturday or Sunday session. A wide selection is available right now. See a list of convenient class schedules in your area.

NSC can make arrangements for the hearing impaired. Please contact us.

  • Monday through Friday
    8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 6:30PM
  • Saturday 8AM to 2PM

Phone: (800) 215-1581
Email: [email protected]

Contact MA Registry of Motor Vehicles

  • Online, at
  • (857) 368-8000 (from the 339/617/781/857 MA area codes or from outside of MA)
  • (800) 858-3926 (from all other MA area codes)
  • (877) 768-8833 (for the hearing-impaired)

RMV MA Driver's Manual

View the Manual

Note: See Chapter 2, Keeping Your License (Page 48), for information on who must retrain. Acrobat Reader needed to view the manual.