Michele Ice is a retired firefighter from Cobb County, GA. She is a child passenger safety technician instructor, hazardous materials technician, and a CPR and first aid instructor.

On April 1, 1999, a van ran a stop sign and hit Michele’s passenger car on the driver’s side causing a 29” intrusion in the driver’s door. Michele was instantly knocked unconscious with multiple life threatening injuries (nine fractures to her pelvis, closed head injury, avulsed elbow, lacerated spleen, fractured left hip).

Michele’s vehicle rotated multiple times before resting on the side of the road. Her daughter, Brooke, who was properly restrained in her rear facing child safety seat, didn’t have a scratch on her.

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Michele has personally realized that if something like this can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. After her long recovery from her injuries, she was able to become a child passenger technician in 2001 and a child passenger safety technician instructor in 2005. She continues to talk to others about how certified car seat technicians checked her car seat two weeks before her crash and literally saved her daughter’s life by taking the 45 minutes to correct her misuse and show her how to properly install it.

She continues to teach and educate moms and caregivers, groups, police mandate classes, emergency medical personnel and others to help protect our precious cargo.

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