SCA Day Being Celebrated Across The Nation

SCA Day Being Celebrated Across The Nation

Every community can choose to become safer.

Carrie Nie and Suja Shunmugavelu are the director and program manager, respectively, of the Safe Communities America program.

​Every day, in cities and towns across America there is a group of dedicated individuals committed to keeping communities safe. Fire departments, schools, health departments, hospitals and businesses are prioritizing safety by coming together to understand how residents are getting hurt and developing  a plan to improve safety and prevent future injuries.

Safe Communities America® (SCA) recognizes these communities across the U.S. committed to improving safety at the local level, and SCA will celebrate their efforts on Oct. 5 with the first ever Safe Communities America Day. The event will recognize the 19 accredited communities in 14 states that have put their residents first.

The Safe Communities America network consists of cities, towns and universities that have met accreditation standards and demonstrated leadership in safety promotion and injury prevention. Each community has made an investment to ensure that their community is a safe place to live, work and visit, and the people who drove those investments will be honored on SCA Day.

Through coordinated efforts, those people and the SCA network have been able to bring about substantial steps toward safety. Examples include installing smoke alarms, training volunteers to respond during disasters, ensuring seniors are safe in their homes and preparing our teens for the road.  

At the National Safety Council, we have a vision. We want to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime, because preventable injuries happen every day. So, on Oct. 5, get involved in keeping you, your family and your community safe. The steps don't have to be complicated: Make sure an older family member has a working smoke alarm, for instance, or practice your fire escape plan. It's also a good idea to be visible in making safety a habit; if you always use you seat belt in a car and always wear a helmet when riding a bike, you set an example, and your children will follow your lead.

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