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Taking Safety Back Home

Being a Safety Ambassador is all about community.

December 10, 2018

As soon as my boys (Payton, 10, and Justin, 7) started elementary school, I felt a strong need to become more involved in our community. Whether it was volunteering at school parties, managing basketball and soccer teams, or becoming PTA president, I wanted to participate as much as possible.

Once I did, it became very clear that safety was a top priority at the school, district and parent level. However, when it came to how parents personally handled safety, I noticed that we sometimes leaned too heavily on the old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

I saw parents distracted by cellphones when waiting in the drop-off line in the mornings. Other times, I noticed that parents frequently failed to cross at the corner with the crossing guards. The list goes on and on. During my time as PTA president, it became increasingly obvious that many parents, especially those who volunteered on a regular basis, were not equipped with emergency preparedness or even basic first aid skills.

So when I learned about the NSC Safety Ambassador Program, I quickly took the opportunity to help my fellow parents and school community learn more.

The program is very simple. It encourages individuals to bring safety back home and into their communities to keep friends, neighbors and loved ones safe. By providing free NSC materials, tools and resources, the program makes it easy for anyone to take up the mantle of Safety Ambassador to reach the public and save lives.


Jaime Feinberg passed out notebooks to students, and first aid and distracted driving tips to adults at her children's elementary school picnic. 


The decision to participate was a no-brainer! I applied for the program online and decided to bring some educational resources to the PTA’s annual back-to-school picnic.

I set up a table to pass out NSC swag and tip sheets, and asked students to share a safety tip in order to receive a notebook. Students provided me with tips on fire safety they learned the previous school year from the local fire department, as well as tips on bike safety and lockdown procedures. The notebooks were a huge hit with the students, because they could put a photo in the front window to remind them why they need to be safe. Adults received first aid and distracted driving tip sheets.

To answer the question probably running through your head at this point: Yes, I am a total safety nerd! I wield that title with pride and sometimes at the expense of my boys’ “street cred.” But at the end of the day, I can go to sleep knowing that maybe, just maybe, I was able to influence one parent or student to make a better decision. A decision to do the safe thing may not earn you the title of Most Popular, but it will help you earn the title of Most Likely to Succeed!

Jamie Feinberg

Jaime Feinberg, MPH (left) is an NSC Safety Ambassador and vice president, risk control, at Captive Resources LLC.