Get the vital knowledge needed to respond to a medical emergency effectively and efficiently.

Available in English or Spanish, this course has been designed using extensive research and testing to improve mastery and retention over the long term.
This comprehensive course is taught in a dynamic, hands-on way with industry-leading curriculum and content from the expert in occupational first aid training.

Course Benefits

As we age, it is important to realize that mental reaction, situational awareness, vision and motor controls may not be as sharp as they once were. Driving in traffic or work zones, through inclement weather, or even at night becomes more challenging the older we get.  Sharpening your driving skills annually with a defensive driving course can help overcome some of the challenges of aging. The NSC Online Mature Defensive Driving Course will help older adults learn new skills and refresh already learned skills that will help individuals become a safer, more defensive driver. 

Who Would Benefit:

● Age 55 or older
● Interested in getting a car insurance discount
● Looking to learn skills to make you a safer driver

Benefits of This Course:

● Car insurance discounts*
●  Approved course in many states
● 100% online
● Engaging, interactive, fully narrated
● Learn to be a more defensive driver
●  Take the course at your own pace

          *IMPORTANT:  Please check with your insurance carrier to ensure you are
           eligible for a defensive driving insurance discount. 


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