NSC Featured First Aid Partner

  • The NSC First Aid Department has a fantastic network of partners and providers who contribute to the success of the NSC brand.  QS2 Training and Consulting out of Baldwin, NY, is one such partner. Employing several Master Instructors in the field, we can count on them to deliver training for some of our most prestigious clients.

    Liz Box, the CEO of QS2, has more than 20 years of experience in delivering First Aid and related classes, especially in the child care environment. She serves as a CDA instructor and advisor, as well as a National Association for Family Child Care observer. As a mentor and trainer for family child care providers, Liz leads the charge for the capable instructors at QS2, including Miguel Arroyo, Joan Capobianco, Jenny Distafen, Odalis Gaskins, Karen Guerinot, Elizabeth Guerinot, Kathleen Hattenback, Janiva Jones, Kristen Killion, Joanne Levine, Meagan Levine, Juan Vallejo, and Stephen Vallejo. Liz calls them her "heroes" and sends a special thanks to them for contributing to the success of QS2!

    Celebrating its ninth anniversary, QS2 delivers training to early child care providers across the entire state of New York and teaches the necessary skills to save the life of a child in an emergency situation. To mark its ninth year, QS2 is excited to announce its expansion and ability to offer NSC training to the general public in a brand new facility. The NSC First Aid staff congratulates QS2 and looks forward to their continued superior training.

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