NSC Featured First Aid Instructor

Meet Our Featured NSC First Aid Instructor, Don Mountz

Don Mountz is the "go-to" local instructor and provider of the NSC First Aid menu of classes. In fact, you can see him in action at NSC headquarters in Itasca quite frequently. Don has successfully trained many other instructors to deliver utilizing the NSC class content.

Don is the owner of Safety Training Associates, a firm dedicated to safety that provides life-saving training programs in the Chicago area. Coming from a background that includes managerial responsibilities, Don takes his job as Instructor Trainer quite seriously, often providing the NSC First Aid Department with helpful industry information. He is an asset that brings us knowledge from the trenches.

Don holds credentials in a variety of safety training programs from NSC, as well as other organizations. He has been involved in safety for more than 28 years. Don's teaching experience spans the corporate, education and recreation industries. He proudly boasts that his personal choice of programs are those of the National Safety Council. Not only does Don teach our First Aid programs, but he also teaches for the NSC Defensive Driving team.

The National Safety Council is honored to have Don as a teaching partner for our programs!

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