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June 2024

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First Aid News is a newsletter from the National Safety Council exclusively for NSC First Aid safety professionals.

Here you’ll find the latest updates on NSC training, links to important first aid news and new opportunities for you to consider. Our goal is to build an ongoing conversation to help you save lives. As a bonus, with this one monthly newsletter containing vital, need-to-know information, you'll receive fewer emails.

Enhancing First Aid Training: Importance of Compliance

NSC is recognized as the expert in workplace first aid training, providing the vital knowledge and skills needed to respond to medical emergencies. You help us deliver on that promise and you can enhance the experience of every participant by remaining compliant with NSC training guidelines.

Complying with NSC guidelines is crucial, as it ensures that you are promoting safety properly and upholding the quality of the content. It also keeps our training consistent, guaranteeing that training across different training centers and instructors remains standardized. This not only enhances the professional reputation of our instructors and training centers, it also ensures every trainee gets the same quality experience they need.

In the classroom, this includes using NSC-approved materials and methodologies to conduct hands-on demonstrations, ensuring students learn through practice. It also means incorporating real-life workplace scenarios into lessons to enhance decision-making skills under pressure in a workplace environment. Finally, this involves using continuous assessment techniques to monitor your students’ progress, evaluate their knowledge levels and provide personalized feedback to help them improve.

We thank you for your dedication to excellence and your commitment to sharing your skills and knowledge to help save lives. If you have any questions about NSC guidelines or how to remain compliant, please email [email protected]

Helpful Changes to Our Digital Certificate Platform

We’re excited to share that we’ve expanded the editing function of our Digital Certificate Platform. We’d heard from many of you about the need for more editing abilities within the system, especially for participant email addresses. Now Administrators from our Chapters and Training Centers can make edits to both participant names and email addresses. 

After making a change like this in the platform, students will receive an email explaining that their information has been updated. NSC will also receive an alert that an update has been made. 

We hope this will make your job easier and lead to a better experience for everyone. If you have any questions about this change or additional suggestions for improving the platform, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Supplies Spotlight - Instructor Bundles

Whether you’re a new NSC instructor or a seasoned pro, having the right teaching supplies (and enough of them) available in the classroom is key to success. Our NSC First Aid Instructor Bundle kits can help you conveniently replenish these much-needed resources. 

From manikins and AED trainers to participant workbooks and more, buying in bundles not only saves money, it also simplifies the process for choosing which supplies to bring into the classroom. 

Check out this overview of our bundled offerings and see how they can help you prepare for your next training session.

Inspire Others to Learn Lifesaving Skills

Choosing to learn first aid skills means you want to be prepared to make a difference when it’s most needed. And there’s no better way to inspire someone to take a first aid class than to share a story of how someone used first aid skills to save a life. If you or someone you know has used their skills to make a difference, we’d love to hear about it!  

Share your save story today by emailing [email protected]. Simply tell us what happened and how you used your first aid skills in the field. If you have pictures or other media to share, we’d love to see them as well!

Is Your NSC Instructor Authorization Expiring?

Renew your instructor credentials here. If you work with a chapter or training center, reach out to your contact directly to process payment for your renewal. If your organization pays for your renewal, send them this link to process the renewal. First aid instructors only: Online administrative course is no longer required for renewal. For help, contact (800) 621-7619 or [email protected].

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