First Aid for Warehousing Industry

Customize Your First Aid Training for the Warehousing Industry

  • It's a sobering statistic:  16 people were killed in warehousing workplace incidents during 2014. And there were 35,000 injuries requiring medical attention during that same period. Clearly, making the right first aid response when incidents happen is critical. It could literally save someone's life. Do your employees know what to do? Implement a customized training program from NSC, the leader in workplace first aid training. It's not just a best practice, it's an OSHA requirement.With our new industry-specific training scenarios, the content is more relevant to the incidents your employees will face.  And the scenarios can even be customized by the instructor to highlight risks, or add content to reinforce compliance issues – without adding extra classroom time.

    Sudden Illness Scenario

    Following is an example of a customized scenario from the warehousing industry, which is included in the instructor DVDs and PowerPoint presentations.