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    Below are stories of individuals who responded to someone in need. If you have a story to share, please click the link to the right to submit your experience.

    Memorial Day Will Never Be the Same

    My girlfriend and I were at the pool only 15 minutes when it happened. A man frantically ran outside asking for help. The man shouted, "My friend is in the deep end of the pool inside and he doesn't know how to swim!"

    Before I could even fully process what the man said, I was already running in.

    I dove to the bottom of the pool in an attempt to pull the man out of the water. Unfortunately, it was too deep for me to reach. It only lasted a couple seconds, but I will never forget that moment. Fear washed across our faces as we realized that we could not reach him. We knew every second he was below water was decreasing the chance of survival. My girlfriend grabbed a hook and got it under his arms. When we pulled him out of the water, I immediately began performing CPR. My training from NSC had not been needed – until this moment. I did chest compressions while my girlfriend provided the breaths. We did not stop until after the paramedics arrived and gave us instructions to step away.

    Unfortunately, the man passed away a few days later. We found out he had been under water for almost 13 minutes by the time we were aware of the situation. Considering how long has was under, there was truly nothing we could have done differently to save his life. Thanks to my NSC First Aid and CPR training, we gave this man any possible chance he might have had to survive. I am forever proud for how we reacted in this situation.

    – Steve Stein

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