First Aid Hero Stories

NSC First Aid Hero Stories

We love to hear how NSC first aid training impacts people's lives.

Below is a story from an individual who responded to someone in need. If you have a story to share, please click here to submit your experience.

Worker's Quick Thinking and Action Saves a Life

Recently, the actions of Rick Norsworthy, assistant superintendent at HITT Contracting in Falls Church, VA, demonstrated just how important doing the right thing can be.

While walking the site, Rick became aware of a commotion coming from a crowd of workers who discovered a fellow worker had collapsed. While others stood by unsure of how to react, Rick stepped forward to render assistance and quickly recognized that the worker was not breathing and unresponsive. Rick determined CPR was required and performed several full rounds until the worker regained his pulse and was breathing on his own.

Rick’s actions are an important reminder of why current First Aid & CPR training are so important. Rick said he could hear the voice of his instructor, Ronnie Holmes, in his head as he went through motions that brought a worker back to life. Ronnie has been a long-time part of the company's Safety Department and has been responsible for providing National Safety Council First Aid, CPR & AED training to hundreds of company workers over the years.

Rick and Ronnie share a great passion for what they do, and that passion made the greatest difference of all when combined to save a life.

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