POSH 4th Edition - National Safety Council

This re-envisioned Principles of Occupational Safety and Health course (POSH) takes advantage of the most cutting-edge learning technology and adult learning principles. You’ll come away from the brand-new, four-day classroom program with a solid foundation in occupational safety and health — a big first-step up the ladder in safety management. POSH represents best practices in safety training to be mimicked in your own organization.

Experienced safety professionals can brush up on all that’s new in safety management through engaging, technology-enabled training, case studies, simulations, group activities, electronic pre- and post- testing and networking. All-new modules include Fit for Duty, Vehicle Safety, and Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention.

The Course

Fulfills requirement for ASC Certification
4 Days (32 hours)
2.6 NSC CEUs

What You Will Learn

  • Technology-enabled classroom training for an immersive learning experience and real-world work outputs you can leverage back on the job
  • Real-world case study; participants are employees of "Agrichemical," a fictional company that experiences safety issues
  • Networking opportunities with attendees from other organizations and with varying levels of experience
  • Electronic pre-test and polling to gauge participant knowledge allowing the facilitator to adjust course content
  • Large group activities
  • Small group interactions

This course exceeds the requirements of ANSI/ASSP 2490.1 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training and leverages components of the new ANSI/ASSP 2490.2 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Online Safety, Health and Environmental Training.

In addition, attendees will leave the course with a detailed gap analysis of their company's safety and health program and action plans that can be reviewed with their site management and organization.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those new to safety or with newly appointed safety responsibilities
  • Those desiring a crash course in the fundamentals of occupational safety and health
  • Safety team leaders
  • Safety consultants
  • Purchasers of safety training for large groups of safety practitioners
  • Training developers of safety content
  • Training designers who need technical safety knowledge to develop safety and health content
  • Insurance underwriters or consultants for insurers or insurance brokers