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You can't eliminate all physical hazards through engineering or administrative controls' personal protective equipment provides a last line of defense. However, data shows that most workers who suffer eye, head and foot injuries aren't wearing PPE. These injuries can be lessened or avoided altogether with proper PPE.

OSHA requires that all employers assess their workplace for hazards and certify this assessment. PPE Compliance Training will help you meet these requirements. You'll walk through the key elements of the OSHA PPE regulation (29CFR 1910.132-140, Subpart I), and learn how to protect your employees and your business.

The seminar covers:

  • The relationship between PPE, administrative controls and engineering controls
  • How to conduct a PPE Hazard Assessment and Certification Statement
  • Various types of PPE and how to use them
  • OSHA responses to questions about implementation, including who is required to pay for PPE and who is responsible if an employee brings in his own PPE
  • Simple, practical methods that ensure compliance with the OSHA standard and protect your employees

You'll leave the seminar with increased confidence and the know-how to:

  • Do a PPE Hazard Assessment of the workplace as required by OSHA
  • Identify critical items that must be in your PPE Hazard Assessment Certification Statement
  • Avoid common PPE compliance mistakes that can result in costly OSHA fines
  • Reduce the number and severity of injuries throughout your facility
  • Save on workers' comp and related costs

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