Supervisors' Safety Development Program Online

Empower Supervisors With Industry Knowledge, Leadership Skills

SSDP trains supervisors and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. A key feature of the program requires participants to demonstrate they have acquired the knowledge and leadership necessary to implement essential safety practices. The program provides value for new supervisors and managers, and is also ideal as a refresher.

  • This course will teach supervisors how to:
  • Satisfy OSHA compliance regulations
  • Conduct successful safety inspections, incident investigations and safety meetings
  • Identify, control and eliminate health and safety hazards
  • Prevent workplace incidents
  • Implement a positive and effective safety culture
  • Analyze safety and health issues from management's perspective

SSDP Online uses adaptive learning technology to fit the needs of the individual learner. Similar to a tutor, Adaptive eLearning identifies knowledge gaps by measuring how much a student knows at each point in training, as well as how confident the student is their answers. From there, it guides the student on an individualized learning path to build knowledge.

Modules Include:
Safety Management


Safety and Health Training

Employee Involvement

Regulatory Issues

Safety and Health Inspections

Incident Investigation

Regulatory Issues

Machine Safeguarding


Hazard Communication

Materials Handling/ Storage

Electrical Safety

Fire Safety

Industrial Hygiene


Hand/Portable Power Tools

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