SSDP Combo

A More Efficient Way to Train Supervisors

Supervisors' Safety Development Training Blended Learning

Just because employees attend safety training doesn't mean they retain the knowledge. With NSC Supervisors' Safety Development Program (SSDP) blended learning, supervisors will master the content and be ready to champion a safety culture.

By first completing the new SSDP online program, students will be able to hit the ground running in the classroom, saving time and money.

First, Take the SSDP Online Course

Begin with a preliminary evaluation from SSDP Adaptive Learning. It measures each learner's strengths and weaknesses in 16 safety modules. If a student knows the material, there is no need to spend time on that topic. If students make mistakes, they are led through the online training until they master the subject.

Then, Head to the Classroom

Once the online training is complete, the adaptive learning tool determines areas for further training. Your organization can use the SSDP packaged training materials to tailor classroom training to your employees' needs.

Review and Reporting

Trainers test course competency through SSDP Adaptive Learning online after the classroom training is complete so they can revisit areas that still need work and ensure all the material has been learned.  Each review course includes a recharge feature so learners can retake the material they're most likely to forget. Senior executives also are provided steady updates on supervisors' safety progress and their competency.

Get Started Today

Why waste time and money teaching supervisors safety strategies they already know? With SSDP blended learning, you can focus on areas they don't, shortening training and down time for supervisors, and saving money. Call (800) 621-7619.

What You Get Per User

  • One Access key to SSDP Online, valid for 18 months with recharge
  • Personalized Knowledge Gap Reports
  • One SSDP Participant Guide - print edition
  • One Supervisors' Safety Manual Reference Guide - print edition
Users Bundled Unit Price
1-20 $210
21-40 $195
41-60 $180
61-80 $165
81-100 $145
100+ $120

Facilitator Kit Includes

  • One SSDP Facilitator Guide - print edition
  • One Supervisors' Safety Manual Reference Guide - print edition
  • One multimedia CD with PowerPoint Slides
  • One Reference CD
Users Member Nonmember
1-5 $325 $425
6-10 $310 $405
11-25 $295 $380
26+ $275 $360