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Temporary Traffic Control

NSC, the leader in roadway safety training, has trained over 80 million drivers in defensive driving courses. NSC also has built the best work zone technician temporary traffic control training on the market. This introductory course provides technical training designed from the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Participants will learn to install, modify, maintain and remove temporary traffic control (TTC) work zones. This course is designed to be engaging and experiential, with hands-on activities that represent real-life scenarios in a TTC work zone.

Benefits of the new 4th Edition NSC Work Zone technician Program
8-hour course tailored to your organizationHighly interactive and experiential activitiesWork through real-life scenarios in the classroomDeveloped by highly experienced work zone safety experts

Who Would Benefit from the Program?

● Anyone working in a temporary traffic control work zone or seeking to gain an understanding of how to safely work in a TTC work zone
● Agencies, municipalities or companies that have employees in roadway environments or TTC zones
● Public and private utility company employees responsible for installation, maintenance and replacement of public utilities along roadways
● Employees of local public agencies, state DOTs and federal DOT whose responsibilities include design, maintenance or supervision of contractors that develop and construct the public roadways
● Public agency employees with responsibility for roadway construction and maintenance
● Owners and operators of private roads open to public travel
● Fire, police, emergency management, hazmat, towing and recovery, and emergency medical personnel and others who clear accidents and incidents from public roadways
●  Contractors who design, build, maintain or temporarily repair roads and bridges

This course was developed by the newly formed NSC Work Zone Advisory Committee, made up of work zone safety experts with decades of experience in government, private sector and engineering. NSC has multiple world-class safety training programs and an extensive membership program to help companies promote a safety-first culture.

How to Take the NSC Work Zone Technician Course

● Through an NSC Chapter: Learn more about which Chapters host Work Zone trainings
● Onsite at your location: Contact NSC to request an NSC authorized instructor
● Onsite at an NSC location: Contacting NSC to learn more

Learn more about registering for the NSC Work Zone Technician course.

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NSC has multiple world-class safety training programs and an extensive membership program to help companies promote a safety-first culture. NSC founded the nation’s first Defensive Driving Courses and has since trained over 80 million drivers. Learn about NSC Classroom Defensive Driving Courses and NSC Online Defensive Driving Courses.

NSC also offers 15-minute modules that focus on critical driver safety techniques around issues like speed, following distance and aggressive driving.

Most states have stiff penalties for traffic violations in a work zone, but the injury and death tolls still are too high. Learn more about Temporary Traffic Control Work Zone injury data and statistics from NSC Injury Facts.

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