Defensive Driving Distracted Driving Online Course Abridged

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Master the art of safe driving after becoming educated on the risks, dangers and consequences of mobile phone use while driving. In this abridged course, drivers will understand the myths about multitasking and the importance of knowing the science and impact of distracted driving. Once this course is completed, participants will feel confident about their knowledge on state laws, federal laws, and the financial and legal ramifications of distracted driving.

This class emphasizes scenario-based training, so drivers will feel confident no matter the circumstance. The state-of-the-art technology offered with this course highlights knowledge checks, session reviews and hazard risk assessments. Participants will be able to recognize their driving habits so they can change their behind-the-wheel behaviors.

The course contains learning points and research to help drivers understand different conditions on the road. This class features closed captioning and narration to help the hearing and vision impaired. There is also a bookmark option, so participants can return to where they left off. The class ends with a printable certificate of completion that can be obtained once finished successfully.

Organizations are not able to include their cell phone policy into this version, but it is available with the Defensive Driving Distracted Driving Online 90-minute course, product #441001600. 

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