First Aid Kit A Portable - ANSI 2021

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About this product

Get the Right Sized First Aid Kit

The NSC Weatherproof Class A First Aid Kit is ANSI 2021 compliant and designed for small- to medium-sized workplaces. It includes 180 quality first aid products required to treat injured workers so they are able to return to the job. These durable cases ensure contents are protected from day-to-day exposure to dust and damage.

Size: 10”L x 3”W x 7”H

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Items Per Kit: 180

Regulatory Compliance: Meets & exceeds ANSI Z308.1-2021 OSHA 1910.151(b). FDA Registered.

Case Material: Plastic

Kit Contents     

Item    Quantity

AeroBand™ Triangular Bandage 43in x 43in x 61in 1

AeroBurn™ Burn Gel Packets 3

AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage 2in x 4.3yds 1

AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage 4in x 4.3yds 1

AeroGlove™ Nitrile Gloves 4

AeroGuide™ First Aid Guide 1

AeroInstrument™ Scissors 1

AeroInstrument™ Tweezers 1

AeroKit™ 25 Series Case 1

AeroPad™ Eye Pad 2

AeroPad™ Gauze Pad 2in x 2in 5

AeroPad™ Gauze Pad 3in x 3in 5

AeroPlast™ Adhesive Tape 1/2in x 5.5 yds 1

AeroPlast™ Assorted Plastic Bandages 80

AeroPlast™ Butterfly Closures 5

roPlast™ Fabric Fingertip / Knuckle Bandage 12

AeroPlast™ Instant Ice Pack 1

AeroSoothe™ Triple Antibiotic 0.5g 3

AeroSwab™ Cotton Tip Applicators 10

AeroWipe™ Alcohol Wipes 30

AeroWipe™ Antiseptic Wipes 10

AeroWound™ Wound Pad 5in x 9in 1

Finger Splints / Wooden Tongue Depressors 2