Zoll AED Plus Semi-Automatic

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About this product

Help Non-healthcare Professionals Provide Quality CPR

Give non-healthcare professionals the tools to respond to a cardiac emergency. Unlike other defibrillators, the ZOLL AED Plus guides users to the optimal CPR rate and depth by explicitly telling them to "push harder" or "push faster" in real-time. Even lay rescuers can perform quality CPR compressions and give patients the best chance at survival. 

The ZOLL AED Plus is semi-automatic, has a push-to-shock button and includes:

•    Real-time Interactive CPR Coaching – Audio, visual and text displays guide users through the entire rescue process. This personal defibrillator is designed to show lay rescuers how to deliver life-saving CPR during an emergency.

•    Real-time Feedback – Gives real-time feedback on the compressions performed. This personal defibrillator will tell you to push harder, faster or slower, guiding you to the optimal compression rate and depth.

•    Visual Cues – Show each step of the rescue process. An LED indicates which step you’re on, while verbal feedback tells you how to execute each step.

•    Simple Maintenance – You won’t have to buy or replace anything for five years, as long as the device is not used.

•    Innovative PADs – The one-piece electrode design on the CPR-D PADz makes applying them to the patient easier and faster. They also show you exactly where to push during compressions.

•    Long Shelf Life – Only needs its PADs and batteries replaced every five years. Plus, this device uses Duracell type 123 batteries that are easy and inexpensive to replace.

•    One-piece Electrodes – CPR-D PADz are the industry’s easiest PADs to use during an emergency. Their one-piece construction makes placing the PADs correctly easier for lay rescuers, saving precious time when it counts.

The ZOLL AED Plus is dependable, too. It performs periodic self-tests on its PADs, batteries and internal circuitry. If a test fails, the AED will show a red X on the status indicator and the device will beep. It has "AED" written in large, bold, bright green letters on the cover to make it easy to locate in an emergency. 

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