Zoll AED Plus Semi-Automatic AED with Non-Alarmed Cabinet Bundle

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About this product

Have an AED that guides users so even non-medical professionals can respond to an emergency. That’s vital because during a sudden cardiac arrest event, CPR and a quality defibrillator can mean the difference between life and death. 

Designed for seamless use by non-healthcare professionals, the ZOLL AED Plus provides comprehensive CPR guidance. Unlike other defibrillators, it guides users to the optimal CPR rate & depth by explicitly telling you to "push harder" or "push faster" in real-time. Even lay rescuers will be able to perform quality CPR compressions and give patients the best chance to survive. 

The cabinet bundle features:

•    The ZOLL AED Plus – Enables anyone to provide high-quality CPR in emergency situations

•    Real-time feedback – CPR-D PADz gives real-time feedback on the compressions, telling users to push harder, faster or slower, and guiding them to the optimal compression rate and depth 

•    Visual cues – Visual prompts on the front of the device show each step of the rescue process, LED indicator tells you which step you’re on while the verbal feedback tells you how to execute each step 

•    Simple maintenance – This unit is easy to use and maintain, which means you won’t have to buy or replace anything for five years, as long as the device is not used 

•    Innovative PADs – The one-piece electrode design on the CPR-D PADz makes it easy and fast to apply them to the patient, and show you where to push during compressions

•    Long shelf life – Other AEDs require maintenance every two years. As long as you don’t use this personal defibrillator during an emergency, the ZOLL AED Plus only needs its PADs and batteries replaced every five years; while other defibrillators use expensive proprietary batteries, this device uses Duracell type 123 batteries that are easy and inexpensive to replace

•    One-piece electrodes – CPR-D PADz are the industry’s easiest PADs to use during an emergency; one-piece construction makes placing the PADs correctly easier for lay rescuers 

•    Self-testing – The unit performs periodic self-tests on its PADs, batteries and internal circuitry; if a test fails, the AED shows a red ‘X’ on the status indicator and the device beeps 

•    ZOLL Green – ZOLL AED Plus has bright green coloring and ‘AED’ written in large bold letters on the cover, which helps when locating it during emergencies

This AED accessory kit includes an non-alarmed wall cabinet to safely store your AED where it can be easily accessible. The kit also includes a transforming flexible 3D plastic AED wall sign; first responder kit for AEDs with a mask, razor, gloves and more; AED On Site window decal; and AED inspection tag 5-pack.


It’s also available with Alarmed Cabinet Bundle (Product Code 733140020) and Alarmed with Strobe Light Cabinet Bundle (Product Code 733140030).