Zoll replacement CPR D PADZ

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About this product

Be Stocked And Ready For A Cardiac Emergency

Did you know over 800 cardiac emergencies occur every day? ZOLL's CPR-D PADz deliver high-quality CPR during a cardiac arrest and are designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro. 

The CPR-D PADz one-piece, pre-connected design:

•    Removes any confusion of where to place the pads on the victim during an emergency 

•    Shows lay rescuers where to push during chest compressions

•    Relays live compression data to your AED

•    Gives you live feedback on your compressions, telling you to push harder or faster, guiding you to the recommending compression rate and depth

The electrodes are specifically for use on adult patients. The ZOLL CPR-D PADz are the longest-lasting AED pads on the market today. While most other popular AED pads have a two-year shelf life, the ZOLL CPR-D PADz have a five-year shelf life. Adult size.