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DDC Self Study Program Corporate Package

sku Product SKU:  331237777

Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Self-Study addresses the most common causes of motor-vehicle incidents and provides drivers with the knowledge and defensive driving strategies required to avoid collisions and traffic violations. The Corporate Package includes 25 Study Guides and one DVD, perfect for training individual motorists or an entire fleet. 

This 2-hour self-paced course is a convenient and affordable choice for organizations with drivers who are unable to attend a classroom course, do not have access to the internet, or need to train in segments during off hours. DDC Self-Study is an excellent option for new employee orientation, refresher and post-incident driver training.

Participants are presented with an easy-to-follow follow Study Guide and companion DVD. They must read the Study Guide which contains instructions when to play the videos.  Throughout the course, participants will learn how to recognize both potential and immediate hazards and how to avoid collisions in a variety of driving conditions and environments. 

The Corporate Package includes:

  • One DVD with 11 videos addressing impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive driving, weather and road conditions and more
  • (25) Study Guides with a multiple-choice test and Certificate of Completion issued with a 70% or higher score to pass. Completed tests must be mailed to NSC for grading and certificate issuance.

To purchase additional Study Guides, refer to product 331200024.

USD 405.0000

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) 4-Ambulance Instructor Kit

sku Product SKU:  344657777

6-hour instructor-led classroom course trains ambulance drivers how to drive safety in both emergency and non-emergency situations and provides defensive driving techniques for maneuvering through traffic. CEU may be available for these courses. Contract your State Division of Health/EMS for more information.

Designed on the highly successful “Coaching” method of training, the 4thedition of CEVO Ambulance Instructor-led Classroom Course features:

  • Leader’s Guide, Driver Response Book  and 50- question, computer-scored final test
  • Seven videos plus two additional presentations on braking system
  • Discussion scenarios for both emergency and non-emergency driving situations including applying the principles of “SCC” (scanning, cushion of safety, communicating)
  • “ Active Shooter” and “Move Over Law” review
  • New post-course “Refresher” discussion exercises

CEVO 4 Ambulance Instructor Kit includes:

  • Fully scripted Instructor Guide with group learning exercises, discussion diagrams with enhanced content for the instructor
  • DVD presentation featuring videos with operator point-of-view perspective

CEVO 4 Ambulance Driver Trainee Kit (sold separately):

  • Driver Response Book - 16 page, full color booklet with self-appraisal, discussion questions and traffic analyses diagrams
  • Course completion certificate and recognition patch - upon achieving 80% or better on the Final Test scored by Coaching Systems LLC

Purchase your CEVO 4 Ambulance Driver Trainee Kits

USD 375.0000

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 6ed

sku Product SKU:  151490000

This 6th edition of Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene builds on four decades of excellent and dedicated work of previous contributors to one of the National Safety Council’s cornerstone textbooks. Since 1971, experts from a wide variety of subject areas have come together to make FIH an important resource for those interested in and directly responsible for the recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational hazards. This update continues in that tradition, bringing to the industrial hygienist, safety professional, and medical professional a broad discussion of workplace hazards, control procedures, government regulations, and environmental issues.

This new edition of Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene features extensively updated information in all chapters. New or completely rewritten chapters include Particulate Matter, Ionizing Radiation, Personal Protective Equipment, Environmental Health and Safety, Government Regulations, and International Developments in Occupational Safety and Health.

The 6th edition of Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene is a resource text serving industrial hygienists and safety professionals with years of experience, but is also an instructional text for industrial hygiene courses. FIH continues to be a valuable source of information that can be incorporated into the goals and objectives of any organization’s occupational hazard control program.

Hardcover: 1248 pages

Publisher: National Safety Council; 6th Edition (August 10, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-87912-312-3

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.3 inches


USD 267.9900

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