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Welcome safety students, and thanks for visiting the National Safety Council's Student Portal!

As the leading non-profit organization advocating worker safety, the council serves as a trusted resource for professionals working in safety, health and environmental functions in thousands of organizations. NSC helps safety pros at every stage of their career – and that includes future safety professionals like you.

We want to get to know you now because a significant percentage of currently practicing safety managers will be retiring in the next several years. People like you will be stepping into their shoes. There's never been a better time to enter the safety field!

What's Here for You?

  • Student membership application. You should join. It's all free and there's no downside. You'll get:
    • A free subscription to Safety+Health magazine
    • A whopping 30% discount on textbooks published by NSC Press
    • Member access to the NSC Library
    • Emailed news about internships, your future profession and trends in safety.
  • Study tools. Access practice quizzes and case studies, and watch videos.
  • News and trends. Watch the portal homepage for links to safety salary survey reports, annual job outlook reports and the latest developments in the practice of safety.

Every Step of the Way

Getting – and staying – involved in the National Safety Council will help you:

  • Learn about your new profession
  • Stay current with emerging trends
  • Network with your peers

See what NSC has in store for you at each stage of your career.

Rosy Outlook for Safety Program Grads

"I think that this is a very good time to be graduating with a major in occupational safety." That's according to Alvaro Taveira, professor and chairman of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He was only one source interviewed for Safety+Health magazine's 2015 Job Outlook survey report – but his optimistic view is supported by data from the council magazine's annual survey of safety professionals.

Read the whole article, but be sure to dig deep enough to scan the survey respondent comments on skills needed by aspiring safety pros. See how your skills stack up to expectations.

This Month in Safety+Health

Check out articles from this month's issue of Safety+Health magazine on the S+H website or bookmark this page for the current digital edition.