What is the Journey to Safety Excellence?

  • ​Safety is a journey. It's about trying to find ways to improve workplaces to ultimately save lives and prevent injuries. At NSC, we call it a Journey to Safety Excellence® – one that hopefully every workplace is on. With a goal of zero harm, even organizations with stellar safety performance must remain vigilant to continuously identify and reduce risk.

    Based on an evaluation of the research, we’ve identified four critical keys to success. Keeping a focus on these areas will assist in the protection of workers while also enhancing organizational performance and profitability.

    We've created a website organized around these four success factors that contains three safety measurement tools and hundreds of e-resources to help you progress. Join the Journey today!

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  •  Learn How Safety Contributes to the Bottom Line

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    Nearly 13,000 American Workers are Injured Each Day

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Keep your Employees Safe

The Four Pillars

Leadership and employee engagement: Leaders foster a culture where safety is fully integrated in the business and is a core value where all workers are engaged and share responsibility.

Safety management systems: A strong safety management system is a framework of processes and procedures to ensure that work tasks are completed to safely achieve objectives.

Risk reduction: The probability of an event and the severity of the injury that may result determines risk. Organizations that actively strive to reduce risk will outperform those that don't.

Performance measurement: To improve, it is essential to have measurable goals, track performance, and look at leading and lagging indicators and how they are related.

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