What is the Journey to Safety Excellence?

Safety is a journey. It's about trying to find ways to improve workplaces to ultimately save lives and prevent injuries. At NSC, we call it a Journey to Safety Excellence® – one that hopefully every workplace is on. With a goal of zero harm, even organizations with stellar safety performance must remain vigilant to continuously identify and reduce risk.

Safety takes hard work, but you are not alone. Think of the Journey – and all of the free, practical resources developed from the Council's 100 years of experience – as your adjunct safety team, your partner, because every worker should go home each day in the same conditionas they arrived.

We offer hundreds of e-resources to help you progress, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you need answers to tough safety questions or advice to address a safety challenge. We have a team of experts and can also pose questions to the 5,000-plus Journey participants.


Build a Business Case for Safety

In this guide for safety practitioners, you'll learn how to prepare a business case for investment in safety.

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