The NSC Government & Public Sector Division Public Eye on Safety online library is a collaborative resource for public sector administrators responsible for the safety and health of the public and public sector employees, as well as public facilities, operations and services.

Division members are invited to share their knowledge of safety and health issues for public sector management through contributing to the Public Eye on Safety Online Library. Please review these guidelines for submission or contact [email protected] with questions. 

Public Eye on Safety Articles

Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Safety: Creating Safer Workplaces and Communities - La Forest Williams, MBA (April 2024)
● Evolving Women's PPE - Christy Caputo (November 2023)
● Using Industrial Hygiene Principles to Solve MSD-related Issues in the Workplace - Emmanuel Winful (June 2023)
● How Automation Can Accelerate Your Safety Program - Victor Lawe, PS-MESH (March 2023)
● Risk Assessments and Public Spaces - Ruben Garcia (February 2023)
● Psychological Safety - Victor Lawe, PS-MESH (January 2023)
● Transparency in Safety - Victor Lawe, PS-MESH (October 2022)
● Celebrating Safety - Cory Worden and Victor Lawe (June 2022)
● Confined Space Entry - Brad Rosenthal (June 2022)
● Safety Army of One – Victor Lawe, PS-MESH (June 2022)
● Gaslit: Safety Leadership Should Not be Confusing or Misleading – Cory Worden (July 2021)
● Are We Our Own Worst Enemy? Optimizing Safety Leadership Skills Through Peer Feedback – Cory Worden (June 2021)
● COVID-19 Vaccine and Our Workforce – Maria Puente Mitchell, MS, CSM (May 2021)
● Paramilitary Operations and Safety in the Public Sector – Cory Worden with Ronilla Ernest (December 2020)
● Basic Method to Calculate the Effectiveness of Your Safety Management System – Flavio Simon and Ronilla Ernest (May 2020)
● Perceptions: The Importance of Employee Engagement in Safety – Cory Worden (February 2020)
● The Legislative Impact of How We Manage Safety Program Elements: Leaving No Stone Unturned in Root Cause Analysis – Cornell Richardson (June 2019)
● Do Your Part to Protect Others: Get Shot! – Maria Mitchell (March 2019)
● Violence and the Active Shooter in the Municipality – Victor Sordillo (February 2019)
● Accountability for Health and Safety – Cornell Richardson (January 2019)
● Looking Back on 40 Years of Safety – Warnell A. Vickers (November 2018)
● Chemical Exposures and the Senses of Smell and Taste – Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Industrial Toxicologist/1H & Doctor of Integrative Medicine (September 2018)
● The Importance of Emergency Preparedness for Non-emergency Employees – Maria Mitchell, MS, CSM (August 2018)
● Bully Culture is a Safety Hazard in the Public Sector – David Daniels, MHRH, CSD, SHS (July 2018)
● There's Safety in Words – Caroline Mitchell (June 2018)
● The Pragmatic Development of Actionable Processes to Reach High-Reliability Goals – Cory Worden (May 2018)
● Think Before You Post: 6 Considerations for Safety & Health Professionals – Anne-Marie Mitchell, Esq. (April 2018)
● Fire Protection in Public Housing – Robert S. Marton (March 2018)
● Safety Recognition Incentive Programs May be the Key – Haddy Rojas (February 2018)
● Making Safety Training Count – Warnell Vickers (January 2018)
● Green Can be Just as Mean – Maria Mitchell, MS, CSM-Safety, CSM-Sustainability (December 2017)
● One Municipality's Example of a Continuation of Service Plan – Victor J. Sordillo, PE, CSP (November 2017)
● Municipality Continuation of Service Plan – Victor J. Sordillo, PE, CSP (October 2017)
Is Workplace Safety a Casualty of Distrust in Government? – David Daniels (September 2017)

How to Submit an Article

We welcome submissions from safety and health professionals. You may write on any safety, health, environment or emergency preparedness topic and area of knowledge. Articles should be brief, about 500 words (two pages) and may include up to four photos.

Email your article submission to [email protected]. Please use "PES Article Submission" in the email subject line. The editorial team will review your submission and respond shortly. Once your article is accepted, you will be advised of the on-line publication month. Please note that the editorial team reserves the right to determine content and to edit all submissions.

The author also should attach a brief, one-paragraph bio and the author's photo as a .jpg or .png file.

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