Family Safety & Health Magazine

Family Safety & Health® is a quarterly wellness publication designed to keep workers and their families safe and healthy off the job. 

Extend Your Occupational Safety Culture

Carry your safety culture beyond the workplace by investing in a corporate subscription to Family Safety & Health. This quarterly magazine offers a variety of engaging, educational articles – sent directly to employees' homes or inboxes – to help prevent injuries and deaths 24/7.

Including a corporate subscription to Family Safety & Health as part of your organization's safety program offers many advantages.

● Keep your employees safe. Nearly 80% of medically consulted injuries take place outside of work. Annually, 18 million workers experience serious injuries and 72,900 are killed in off-the-job incidents.
● Reduce corporate spending. Off-the-job injuries cost employers an average of $915 per worker every year. Such expenses include costs associated with absenteeism, higher health care premiums, reduced productivity and unscheduled work interruptions. For as little as $4.10 per employee a year,* you can make a large financial impact across the entire organization.

National Safety Council, InjuryFacts.nsc.org.
*Average price based on a 500-copy print subscription for an NSC member. Prices vary based on quantity, delivery method and membership status.

Family Safety and Health Special Edition

This special digital edition of Family Safety & Health® magazine focuses on mental health and substance use and recovery.

Call (800) 621-7619 to subscribe.

Additional Value-added Benefits**

● The digital archives of Family Safety & Health offer searchable articles and an interactive quiz that can be accessed by employees and their families anywhere.
● Digital signage promoting off-the-job safety tips directly from each quarter's magazine can be downloaded and displayed on company television screens or internal homepages to reinforce your goal of keeping employees and their families safe.
● Printable posters can be downloaded and hung around your facility to let employees know that the latest issue of Family Safety & Health is available.
● The exclusive Family Safety & Health reader website gives your employees easy access to the digital archives, kids’ activities, information for teen drivers, home and community news, and more.

**For subscriptions of 50 or larger.

FAQs for Family Safety & Health

What types of articles are in the magazine?

Every issue of Family Safety & Health contains information that will help your employees and their families stay safe and healthy when not at work. Articles are written for people of all ages about safety and wellness at home, in the community and on the road. Examples include keeping teen drivers safe, helping seniors stay safe at home, preventing prescription drug overdoses, and keeping your garage hazard-free.

Can I customize the magazine for my employees?

Family Safety & Health offers various levels of customization for every budget and delivery type. For both print and digital subscriptions, we can include your four-color logo on the front of the magazine, and fill the inside front and back covers with safety messages from the senior leadership of your company or any other company information you'd like to include.† 

Can I include company news in the magazine?

Yes. With our customization options, you can include company news on the inside front cover, inside back cover and back cover of every issue.

Can I get Family Safety & Health delivered to my employees' homes?

We will mail Family Safety & Health directly to your employees' homes.* In fact, the National Safety Council's not-for-profit status allows us to mail the magazine at a lower postage rate than most of our customers can obtain.

† For subscriptions of 1,000+
*We will sign a statement guaranteeing that the National Safety Council will not use employee home address lists for any other application.

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