Promote Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect the mental health and wellbeing of employees well beyond the immediacy of the initial crisis.

Employers have a unique ability and responsibility to encourage and maintain a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. Employers can take action to identify, engage and support employees who may be experiencing these issues.

This space is dedicated to addressing topics like mental health, stress reduction, substance misuse and more. This page will be updated with NSC and partner materials as they become available.

Top Mental Health Resources

For Employers

Mental Health Webinar Series
SAFER: Stress and Mental Health Playbook
SAFER: Mental Health and the Workplace
SAFER: Managing Employee Stress and Anxiety
SAFER: Managing Employee Stress and Anxiety – Quick Hit Webinar
● SAFER: Employee Perception Survey including questions on mental health
Working with Benefits Providers: Mental Health Issues Checklist
Employer Role in Mental Health During COVID-19
● How to Protect the Mental Health of Your Employees During COVID-19 – NSC Member Exclusive
Mental Health and COVID-19: Practical Tips for Safety Professionals and Supervisors – NSC Member Exclusive

For Employees

● Family Safety & Health Special Edition
Tips to remain 'sane and safe' during social distancing
● Healthcare Workers and Mental Health During COVID-19 blog post
● Safety Talk: Taking Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19 – NSC Member Exclusive
Safety Talk: Managing Stress During a Time of Crisis – NSC Member Exclusive

Opioids and COVID-19

As of June 2020, at least 30 states reported opioid overdose fatalities rose in correlation with the COVID-19 pandemic. The following documents are meant to help you address this growing concern and provide workers with the assistance they need.

For Employers

● Understanding Substance Use Disorders
Substance Use Prevention
Treatment and Recovery During COVID-19
Training and Supporting Supervisors in Addressing Substance Use
● We Can’t Let COVID-19 Halt Our Progress With the Opioid Epidemic blog post
Opioids At Work Employer Toolkit
Substance Use Cost Calculator for Employers

For Employees

● Asking for Help at Work
A Prevention Checklist for Employees
An Epidemic During a Pandemic blog post

Additional Support

For Employers

CEO Health and Safety Leadership Network

Managing and Supporting Teams During the Pandemic

Disability Management Employer Coalition

COVID-19 Resources
Mental Health Resources and Tools

Employee Assistance Professionals Association

COVID-19 Resource Center

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

COVID-19 Employer Resources

Nursing License Map

59 Mental Health Resources for Health Care Providers


Promoting Workplace Mental Health in the Age of COVID-19

Standing Firm

COVID-19: Response and Resources

Human Tech

Your "Reducing Mental & Physical Stress" Toolbox

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Help Employees Maintain Positive Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

For Employees

American Psychiatric Association

COVID-19 Information Hub
Coronavirus and Mental Health: Taking Care of Ourselves During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Helping Children Cope

Center for Workplace Mental Health

Working Remotely During COVID-19: Your Mental Health & Wellbeing
A Top Priority: Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing During and Beyond COVID-19

Mental Health America

Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness

COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

National Institute on Drug Abuse

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

Psych Hub

Self-Care Initiative

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health – Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation during an Infectious Disease Outbreak


Special COVID-19 Edition: Addiction Education and Support

The Kennedy Forum

COVID-19 Resources

World Health Organization

Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

YouTube Video

We know employee mental health has safety implications, and addressing mental health is a critical pillar of our SAFER effort. Lorraine Martin, NSC president and CEO, shares a message in honor of World Mental Health Day.

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