2% of Non-roadway Fatalities*

Workers in the inspections field perform their duties in a number of different indoor and outdoor worksites and environments. The work involves considerable time at a single location and can involve climbing on ladders, being in confined spaces and often working alone. Building and construction inspections include various tasks to ensure compliance regarding building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations and contract specifications. In addition, inspection work may be focused on ensuring a safe working environment and verifying safe worker behavior.** 

The information in each section below is listed in the order of relevance to the hazardous situation.

Situational risks – inherent to the situation or proximate cause of injury
  • Confined space risks
  • Fall to lower level
  • Struck by machinery or equipment
Systemic risks – contribute to injury but are not direct causes
  • Lack of training
  • Improper fall protection
  • Lack of workplace awareness
  • Faulty equipment 
  • Fatigue
  • Scaffolding/ladder malfunction
  • Improper PPE
Relevant Technology Solutions for inspection
  • Rescue and retrieval systems
  • Fall protection kits
  • Drones
  • Air purifying respirators

*Safety Technology White Paper: Work to Zero Safety Technology 2020: Mapping Technology Solutions for Reducing Serious Injuries and Fatalities in the Workplace

**Bureau of Labor Statistics 

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