Tending a Retail Establishment

5% of Non-roadway Fatalities*

Workers employed at businesses that sell goods or services may be exposed to various occupational hazards, including workplace violence and hazards related to general workplace housekeeping.  

Survey Says: The NSC 2020 Safety Technology in the Workplace Survey shows: 42% of retail workers reported facing exposure to workplace violence, with 21% indicating that workplace violence has caused or contributed to a serious workplace injury. Additionally, 41% of retail workers said a lack of proper training has caused or contributed to a serious workplace injury.

The information in each section below is listed in the order of relevance to the hazardous situation.

Situational risks – inherent to the situation or proximate cause of injury
  • Fall to lower level
  • Fires
  • Struck by vehicle or equipment
  • Intentional physical violence to colleague
Systemic risks – contribute to injury but are not direct causes
  • Cluttered work area
  • Lack of workplace awareness
  • Unsafe workspace location
  • Lack of security measures
Relevant Technology Solutions for retail employees
  • Fire and smoke detectors
  • Robots
  • Panic or alert buttons
  • Ergonomic monitoring

* Safety Technology White Paper: Work to Zero Safety Technology 2020: Mapping Technology Solutions for Reducing Serious Injuries and Fatalities in the Workplace

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