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Featured Technology Reports: A four-part research series on increasingly popular technologies that can reduce top workplace risks: Drones for Working at Height and Confined Space Inspections, Wearables for Fatigue Monitoring, Proximity Sensors to Avoid Equipment Strikes at the Worksite, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Hazardous Work Training.

Work to Zero: Safety Technology White Paper: Safety Technology 2020: Mapping Technology Solutions for Reducing Serious Injuries and Fatalities in the Workplace is designed to help employers better understand how new technology can ensure a safer workforce. It looks at the top non-roadway hazardous situations where workers are most likely to die and provides technology solutions for each situation. Download the paper.

Digital Readiness Resources for Embracing Safety Technologies
Work to Zero, in partnership with DEKRA, now offers an online assessment and report to help your organization advance in its readiness to implement safety technologies. Start by taking the Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology in the Workplace to determine your organization’s digital readiness level. Next, gain insight into your level and how to progress forward by reading the Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry 4.0 report. Learn more about barriers to digital change, the importance of the human mindset and the five phases of digital readiness.

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