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Our research has identified the top non-roadway hazardous situations where workers are most likely to die and provided technology solutions for each situation. These tools and resources will help you learn how technology can mitigate risk in your workplace.


The National Safety Council has created a series of reports to examine safety technologies and make recommendations to help your organization advance in its readiness to implement them. Get the reports.


Try our new online readiness assessment tool to determine your organization's readiness to implement safety technologies, and learn what safety technologies are relevant for your industry and specific needs. Learn more.

NSC Partnership Offers VR Construction Hazard Awareness Assessment

The National Safety Council and Industrial Training International have developed a virtual reality hazard awareness experience and certification for the construction industry. The objective is to facilitate a universal benchmark for all construction workers to safely identify potential hazards at a job site. The exam is to be administered via a virtual reality headset, with desktop computer administration on the horizon. Applicants who successfully complete the exam will earn the Hazard Awareness Certification – a five-year credential. Learn more.


NSC provides a wealth of free, informative webinars to help you learn about and incorporate new safety technologies and practices into your safety program. Topics include drones, proximity sensors, fatigue sensors, immersive technologies and more. Webinars are presented by top experts, technology vendors and leaders from companies using these technologies.

Additional Resources

Learn about the NSC Safety Technology in the Workplace survey of 500 employers and 1,000 employees across the manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation, agriculture, utilities and mining industries.

The Campbell Institute at NSC shares proven knowledge, actionable solutions and best practices from leading-edge organizations worldwide. Access the latest research on serious injury and fatality prevention and technology.

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