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NSC & OSHA Alliance a Life Saving Partnership

Since 2003, the National Safety Council has maintained an Alliance agreement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to help save lives and prevent unintentional workplace injuries. The Alliance was renewed in 2014 and has a focus on motor vehicle safety, construction safety, temporary and contract workers, and the importance of establishing an injury and illness prevention program. The Alliance also supports the NSC Journey to Safety Excellence.

OSHA and NSC partner in the development of compliance assistance tools and best-practice documents; convene, participate and exhibit at occupational safety forums and stakeholder meetings, such as the annual NSC Congress & Expo; and partner with other OSHA Alliance participants to address construction and general industry safety issues.

The following products have been developed through the Alliance:

The following additional products will be finalized during the current renewal period:

  • A case study focused on ensuring the safety of temporary workers
  • A fact sheet focused on the specific hazard identification and control topics that should be included in worker training
  • A fact sheet on a motor vehicle safety topic
  • A sample policy for employers focused on encouraging worker engagement in identifying hazards in the workplace
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