Injury Facts®, the annual statistical report on unintentional injuries produced by the National Safety Council, is the complete reference for safety statistics. Based on this data, we can determine a person's odds of dying from various causes.So, how likely are you do die from:

● Heart disease or cancer?

● A fall?

● Hornets, wasps or bees?

● A cataclysmic storm?

While such questions may strike some as macabre, the National Safety Council frequently receives these inquiries.

What are the Odds?

● The Odds of Dying chart, based on Injury Facts data, is a visual depiction of the lifetime odds of death from selected causes

Within the data details, the greater the odds of an individual dying from a given cause, the larger the representative square

These odds are statistical averages over the U.S. population. They do not reflect the odds of death for a particular person from a particular cause, which varies significantly based on lifestyle, occupation, residence, and many other factors.

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