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Forklift Training for Lift Truck Operators

  • National Safety Council trainers provide forklift training that is effective and OSHA-compliant. Trainers employ NIOSH training and coaching methods in a non-lecture format to develop safer forklift operators. One-day forklift training is available at an NSC training center or on-site at your work location.


    Forklift Safety Training Teaches:

    • Moving with and without a load as well as picking up and stacking a load
    • Special considerations, such as trailers, ramps and elevators
    • Non-operator safety training for those who work around forklifts


    Course Materials Include:

    • Full-color, 40-page Participant Workbooks with interactive activities, charts and checklists
    • Certificates of Completion to be personalized and proudly displayed, as well as wallet-cards to identify successful participants as trained operators


    Who Would Benefit:

    • Individuals requiring forklift certification
    • Forklift operator trainers
    • Forklift operators
    • Warehouse/shipping/receiving managers
    • Construction site managers
    • Safety managers
    • Safety committee members
    • Operations managers

Forklift Training Demystified

Employers must ensure forklift operators complete the training specified in OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(1).

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