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Off-The-Job Safety Articles
Off-the-Job Safety Articles
from Safety+Health Magazine

October 2010: Living Well

Proponents of combining employee wellness initatives into off-the-job safety programs suggest it can lead to healthier and happer workers, which in turn lowers costs and increases productivity. View PDF.

March 2009: Selling Off-The-Job Safety

More injuries occur off the job than on the job, yet off-the-job safety is not a focus for many companies. How can a safety professional "sell" the idea of off-the-job safety to both employers and employees? View PDF.

March 2008: Staying clocked in

The number of off-the-job injuries far outpaces on-the-job injuries, leading to nearly three times more days away from work and costing the nation billions of dollars more each year. After decades of engraining safety into the workplace culture, some companies are taking up the task of creating a mantra of "safety 24/7" – on and off the job. View PDF.

March 2007: Beyond the company door

Safety professionals know that the majority of employee injuries occur off the job. The National Safety Council estimates that off-the-job injuries and fatalities cost U.S. businesses almost $200 billion annually in lost productivity. View PDF.

March 2006: Safety and health around the clock

Employers are beginning to understand that even modest efforts to carry over ideals of workplace safety and health to their workers’ homes and communities create opportunities to reduce costs while resulting in a more satisfied workforce. View PDF.

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