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The National Safety Council offers a number of free infographics you can download to quickly and clearly present key data points about work safety, road safety, and home and community safety. Data is compiled by NSC researchers and partners.

Home Safety Infographics

  • CPR Steps: Learn how to save a life; memorize the CPR steps that can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival
  • Mathematics of Pain Relief: We know opioid painkillers are not the most effective way to treat most acute pain; explore the alternatives

Road Safety Infographics

Work Safety Infographics

  • Riskiest Work Schedules: Safety incidents are 30% higher during the night shift; you’re also at risk if you work an irregular shift, a rotating schedule or long hours
  • Driving Down Distraction: Car crashes are the leading cause of workplace death, and companies have paid millions for cell phone-related liability; what’s in your cell phone policy?
  • Working Against Your Body Clock: Disturbance of the body’s circadian rhythm is a key risk factor for safety incidents and is seen more often in night-shift workers
  • Workplace Injuries by the Numbers: Nearly 13,000 American workers are injured every day – that’s one every 7 seconds

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