Unchecked Recalls Pose Roadway Risks

Does Your Vehicle Have a Safety Recall?

More than 50 million vehicles on the road today have unresolved safety recalls. That's more than one in five vehicles. This poses an urgent and serious risk to drivers and passengers.

Check To Protect is a national campaign led by the National Safety Council that encourages drivers to check the recall status of their vehicles and have open recalls fixed immediately. It is no longer necessary to wait for a recall notice in the mail. Drivers simply enter their vehicle identification number or license plate number. 

Getting a recall repaired is free at any dealership, whether you purchased the vehicle there or not. Just call to schedule an appointment and to make sure parts are available.

The service is not only for individual vehicle owners. Businesses and other organizations that operate fleets can conduct bulk recall checks. Learn more here, or watch this video:

YouTube Video

Solutions for Recall Noncompliance

Drivers report not addressing a recall for a variety of reasons:

● They do not have time or are waiting for a more convenient time
● The recall was not concerning enough to them; some said they would wait until the recall became an issue before taking it in for repair
● Parts needed are not immediately available from the dealership

Check To Protect aims to bring together the automotive industry, traffic safety advocacy groups, and federal and state government to help overcome barriers to recall compliance.  

NSC Policy: Safety Recalls

NSC supports enhanced efforts to increase awareness surrounding vehicle safety recalls, boost completion of repairs, and include checking for safety recalls as part of routine vehicle maintenance.

Campaign Partners

Coalition membership is open to all automakers and traffic safety advocacy groups in the U.S. Check to Protect is generously funded by:

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