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Don't Take Chances with Safety

Build a Solid Workplace Program with NSC Consulting Services

Changes in the economy, work environments and technology are creating new safety challenges that bring new workplace risks. Making sure workers are safe on and off the job means creating a workplace culture where safety is a core value and a shared responsibility, from the executive suite to the front lines.

Whether your company is just beginning to think about workplace safety or you have had safety embedded in your business culture for decades, NSC recognizes your need for easy access to the right resources to meet your safety challenges. NSC Workplace Consulting is a comprehensive support system for employers and safety practitioners.

We Measure, Develop and Design

NSC Workplace Consulting services include:

Assessment. A variety of tools and services to help measure your safety performance, including a safety compliance audit, safety management system assessment, employee safety perception survey, risk assessment, transportation risk assessment and ergonomic assessment. All assessment services come with collaborative action planning.

Leadership Development. Tailored plans to enhance your safety leadership and employee engagement, as well as opportunities for networking and professional development for your safety personnel.

Consulting. Safety and health program development, design and implementation of safety management systems, process safety, strategic planning, contractor management, emergency response planning, incident investigation and post-injury management.

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