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Connect with Safety Professionals

Divisions are groups of safety professionals that allow employees of NSC member companies to connect with others who have shared interests or work in similar industries. With four industry -specific and four affinity-based Divisions, plus opportunities for students through senior-level professionals, there is a place for everyone to share with and learn from others . 

Divisions work to advance safety best practices, build networks and bring expertise to the National Safety Council. 

Ask questions or become a member by emailing [email protected]

What Networks Fit Your Needs?

Industry-specific Groups:

  • Alcohol, Drugs & Impairment: Members include toxicologists, physicians, pharmacologists, legislators, law enforcement officials, educators, chemists, attorneys and other professionals involved in the study or control of alcohol, drugs and impairment; an application is required. 
  • Business & Industry: Members can be a part of any number of industries, from agriculture to small manufacturers to large chemical and mining operations. Focusing on collaboration, learning from one another and helping organizations formalize and improve their safety systems toward the goal of eliminating preventable injuries, this Division welcomes diverse perspectives from those with deep experience and knowledge and those who are new to safety.
  • Construction & Utilities: A network of builders, contractors, labor representatives, regulators, designers, insurance and utility professionals, this Division focuses on helping those working in some of the most challenging industries stay safe at work by advancing best practices in these fields. From residential, commercial and industrial construction to communications, infrastructure and power distribution, all are encouraged to be a part of this Division.
  • Transportation Safety: Members include safety leaders with expertise in transportation activities of all kinds, including but not limited to commercial fleet management, school bus, public transportation, railway and waterborne transportation. Though often focused on roadway issues, this Division has a space for all who are moving people or cargo.

Affinity Groups:

  • Government & Public Sector: An affinity group with a public sector focus, this Division focuses on the safety of employees in public sector environments and includes representatives of federal, state, county and municipal governments and public entities such as hospitals, schools and the military.
  • LaborComposed of government regulators and local and international union leaders from the U.S. and Canada; this affinity group focuses on promoting worker safety. Members of this Division must be union members or government regulators; an additional application is required.
  • Women's Division: The Women’s Division focuses on connecting women in safety while bringing awareness of issues affecting women disproportionately in the workplace; all are welcome to be a part of the Division, regardless of gender identity or industry. 
  • Young Professionals: For safety professionals younger than 45, this affinity group focuses on those who are in the first half of their career in safety. The Young Professionals Division prioritizes connection, training and resources to improve results in all safety environments.