Partnership Opportunities

NSC leads many projects that strive to change behavior and improve safety of children, teens and adults. We welcome your partnership in helping us build and expand these initiatives:

Decrease Opioid Overdose

  • Increase teen and caregiver education around opioid use and misuse
  • Expand public awareness education and activities regarding opioid use and misuse

Decrease Motor Vehicle Fatalities

  • Improve teen driver experience
  • Increase the number of properly installed child passenger seats
  • Expand public awareness of open safety recalls on their motor vehicles
  • Increase public understanding of automated transportation as a safer option
  • Inspire public demand for attentive driving

Decrease Workplace Fatalities

  • Improve employers’ ability to utilize technology to save lives at work
  • Help employers better manage fatigue in the workplace
  • Increase employer understanding of addressing opioid use in the workplace

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make a difference by becoming a philanthropic partner, please email [email protected].

Partner with NSC

With a century-long legacy, the National Safety Council is a global center for safety expertise. Let's work together to align resources. We look forward to learning about ways we can join efforts to expand safety everywhere!

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